Month: May 2019

Why Ready to fight a Bear?

The joke:

Talking to a weight coach i was asked what is your inspiration for weight loss..

My answer “I’m heading to Alaska, i wanna see Orcas up close from a kayak and have a chance at paddling away if it gets frisky. I want to go hiking too. If i come across a bear i wanna do more than just stand there and cry. I wanna be able to have a fighting chance.”

Holly, the sweet weight loss counselor found this funny and on my husbands meeting with her she joked that “we are trying to get your wife ready to fight a bear”

The gesture:

My thoughtful husband then surprised me with this blog site so i could share my adventures over the summer!💜🥰

The Realization (pt.1):

I was Not pleased with this title tbh. There are so many people in the world that i believe view me as vicious. Why would i want such a hostile title when i am trying to get away from all that? “Why doesn’t he know me better than that?” Was another thought I had. After all i had repeatedly shared with him that i was trying to shed the over protective, angry mama bear rolls I played as my kids were growing up. Now that they are all grown i no longer need to be the on guard solo vigilante to all the evil doers but that role is 25 years old. It is going to be hard enough to shed with out some dumb title sticking it to me during this search for peace excursion. What began to notice as i got more worked up about it internally was firstly, that I was actively in that role. Secondly the role wasn’t all about protecting my family, in this and many other cases it was only about protecting me. And finally clearly the role is the bear within and I am going to have to fight to tame her.

So here i go

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Four more days!

There are only four more days before I leave for my adventure!! Stay tuned because I will be posting here as I go!

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